Wedding Supplier green flags 

Let us be your guiding light through the wedding planning maze, ensuring smooth sailing from start to finish. Curious to know if we're your perfect match?

Here are the green flags to look for in a supplier who will make your dreams come true, without a hint of added pressure or stress!

Seek suppliers who have experience in the wedding industry and specialize in their respective fields. They should demonstrate a deep understanding of their craft and be able to provide guidance and suggestions based on their expertise.

Look for suppliers who are open to collaboration and working as part of a team. They should be willing to coordinate with other vendors, such as your wedding planner or venue coordinator, to ensure a cohesive and harmonious event.

Choose suppliers who exhibit professionalism and well-organized approach in their interactions. They should have clear contracts, timelines, and procedures in place, showing their commitment to delivering a smooth and efficient service.

A reliable supplier will

communicate promptly, effectively, and transparently. They should be responsive to your inquiries, address your concerns, and provide detailed information about their services, pricing, and policies.

Look for suppliers with a strong reputation in the wedding industry.

They should have positive reviews and recommendations from previous clients, demonstrating their ability to deliver excellent service.