Hacienda Solange Tagaytay Weddings 

Grand Food Tasting July 3rd 2022

One of our Grand Food Tasting events at Hacienda Solange in the Tagaytay Metro Area in Alfonso Cavite, where couples can try our catering and other partner services. This event was held on July 3, 2022. Visit our Facebook for more videos here.

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Hacienda Solange Tagaytay Weddings 

Grand Grand ball january 2, 2023 at Royale country club tagaytay

It's been a fantastic year of helping so many couples achieve their dream weddings, and we're confident 2023 will be even bigger! 

Thank you to our clients for trusting us and building a strong relationship over the years, to our partners, friends, and family for continuously believing in and supporting us, and to our key guest, Ms. Benz Co-Rana, Founder & CEO of W@W - Wedding at Work, for imparting her knowledge and enriching our audience with her valuable experience. You’ve made us all who we are today and helped us grow into a company built on quality, innovation, and enthusiasm.

We’re looking forward to another year of growth and success with every one of you! Thank you more videos on our Facebook here